Why Bernedoodles?

When you have beautiful champion line Standard Poodles and European champion Bernese Mountain Dogs, why would anybody want to mix what's already very good. Great question!! We did ponder on this for quite some time and thought the same thing, but the more we have learned how incredible these two dog breeds are, the more we wanted to get the best of both into one dog....the bernedoodle. Our Premier Bernedoodles are intelligent, have silky and curly low to non-shedding coats, fun loving temperament, crave attention, loyal, and a perfect complement to your famly. They truly are a great family member that will be healthy and long-lived. With all this said, we still love the Standard Poodle

Start Puppy Training Right Away!

Many people won't start puppy training (basic obedience) until maybe they get them enrolled into a puppy class several weeks to months later. Puppy's learn fast even when you think they aren't listening or seem to be distracted with other things. But everytime you work on a certain command (e.g. sit, down, stay or come) they are hearing the words, and starting the process of learning. Puppy's learn their basic obedience commands even faster when there's a motivator (food) and repetition (do training when puppies are most hungry) and they respond best to positive reinforcement. The main thing is to be consistent with what you call each command, the timing of applying your reinforcement aft

Puppies....Now What!?

Our Bernedoodle project begun a long time ago through careful research, but hit us like a storm when we brought home Lexi and Zoe, after a 14 hour car trip from South Carolina to Missouri to pick them up from Deer Creek Standard Poodles. Was a long trip but well worth it and the ride home gave us a ton of time to bond with our new family members. SO what's it like to have two puppies at the same time? Are we nuts (many asked)? Well honestly having two has been a challenge however it's also been alot less challenging than raising just one puppy. They keep each other company, and always have somebody to play with. The very first night Lexi had nothing to do with the crate. She howled, screa

Our Bernedoodle adventure!

We have always loved dogs, and both Sharon and I grew up with dogs since we were born. We were both blessed to have parents that had dogs in the house during our childhood and this early experience has fostered our continued love for dogs today. We have been able to pass on this experience to our kids, and our oldest son Brenden and his wife Kara now have three Great Danes. We had a Standard Poodle for many years, and have also had German Short-haired Pointers, Great Dane, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, labradoodles, and an American Bulldog. All of these were great dogs in their own right, but we wanted to find a breed that was low to non-shedding, fun, playful, trustworthy with kids,

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