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We will have approximately 8-12 litters of Premier Doodles bernedoodle litters on an annual basis  that will be available to our Master Reservation List for puppy selection.  Once you have been pre-approved and subsequently deposited, you will be placed onto the Master Reservation List (below) in the order deposits are received.  At this time the wait time is approximately 4-12 months (some colors like merle tricolors and sables could be a longer wait) depending on color preference.  We greatly apologize for this delay but we do everything in-house and due to our puppy training we do there's a high demand for our puppies.   If your puppy application is approved we will let you know an approximate wait time for a puppy based on our current master reservation list.   Once it's your pick, you can choose an available puppy, OR, decide to skip your turn for that litter and wait for a subsequent litter, at which time you should have a higher pick with each subsequent litter (depends on how many ahead of you select a puppy... if nobody selects a puppy on a given litter that is ahead of you, then you will remain at your position, and if anybody selects a puppy from that current litter that is ahead of you, then you would move up accordingly).  Once we have a litter we will start going down our Master Reservation List (usually via text) to see who would like to select a puppy from that litter or wait until a future litter.  As people pass we will then move onto the next person(s).  It is imperative that you immediately respond within 2 hours after being notified of an available puppy of your interest, otherwise, we will have to keep moving down our list.  You will be given plenty of notifications of the date and times that we will be doing puppy picks so that you can be prepared and ready. We ask that you keep an eye on our FaceBook page ( for current and upcoming litters so that you're aware of this.  If you don't respond to our text and/or email notification of currently available puppies then we assume you will want to wait.  We will hold your spot on the Master Reservation List and again continue to move down the list as others ahead of you select a puppy.  NOTE: we can not guarantee when/if litters will arrive at certain times of the year.  We have general goals of how many litters we would like to produce and then rely upon heat cycles and dam body mass index to be exceptional before we breed.  If there are any concerns for the health of our dams, we won't breed them during that heat cycle.  Our general goal is to produce 8-12 litters of F1 and F1b Standard Premier Bernedoodle litters per year.  On occasion we have to breed one of our standard poodle moms to get more poodles to sustain our bloodlines.


For Spring/Summer 2023 we plan to do the following crosses:

River X Leo F1 standard bernedoodles.  Traditioal tricolors and sables.

Autumn X Leo F1b standard bernedoodles.  Traditonal tricolors, sables, black & white, red & white

Hera x Leo. F1 standard bernedoodles. Traditional tricolors and sables.

Indie x Ford. F1 standard bernedoodles. Traditional tricolors and merle tricolors.

Luna x Yogi. F1 standard bernedoodles. Traditional tricolors and merles.

Jewel x Ford. F1 standard bernedoodles. Traditional tricolors and sables. 

Gigi X Maui F1b standard bernedoodles.  Traditional tricolors, sables, brown & white, black & white.

Cheyenne X TBD standard poodles?

We will provide more information soon but you can find the profiles for all these dogs in the tabs above ("Our Bernese Mountain Dogs" and "Our Standard Poodles"). As people pickup their new puppies we will remove their names from the master reservation list below and move everybody up accordingly.


To get on our waiting list you must first be pre-approved by completing our online puppy application (see link at top) and once approved we require a $500 nonrefundable deposit (this goes toward the purchase price of the puppy and not an extra cost and is required to get onto our master reservation list) via PayPal ( to and you can pay this deposit to the following email:  If you pay the deposit with check, money order, or certified check, your name will be added based on when we receive this payment.  All checks are to be made payable to Premier Doodles and contact us for more information. We can NOT accept checks, money order, certified check, or PayPal at the time of puppy pickup (only for the initial deposit).  Please read conditions in Puppy Contract (and be pre-approved) before placing your deposit.  If you have any questions before placing your deposit please email us at  Price is typically $3800 for black and white, traditional tricolor, abstract tricolor and the myriad of colors we get from our F1b and F1bb standard bernedoodles and $4200-4500 for merle, merle tricolor and sable standard bernedoodles, .   All of our dogs are AKC and bred for exceptional conformation, genetic clearances, health, OFA/PennHip hips/elbows, and most importantly great friendly temperament and exceptional health and raised in our home (we don't use kennels nor guardian homes except thru our own children and an occasional male that we may place in a well established guardian home...we also do Puppy Culture and Biosensor programs with all of our puppies at no additional charge).  


IMPORTANT NOTE: All prices are subject to change and the breeder has the first option to have the first pick of each litter.  And never feel pressured to place a deposit....however if you know for sure you want one of our puppies it's always better to get onto our list sooner than later as our list does continue to grow.  We are increasing breeding projects to help meet the demand while being able to keep all of our breeding within our family however we can not guarantee turnaround time when a puppy will be available.  The usual turnaround time, if color is not the priority, is about 4-12 months (some colors like merle tricolors and sables could be a longer wait).  We have a very consistent conformation, personality, and coat quality but some colors are just in very high demand (e.g. red sable). Although we do produce beautiful colors and markings, we first breed for personality, conformation, and coat quality as our highest priority.  You will see this consistency on our webpage. We find that several colors occasionally fade  (e.g. traditional tricolor and red sable) into slightly lighter colors (e.g. red sables sometimes fade to a light to dark caramel color and some of the tans and rust colors on the traditional tricolor can fade into light tans and in some cases, silver colors) but these three characteristics (conformation, coat quality and personality) never do change and are consistent between litters and we have placed our focus on these. 


The color changes bernedoodle breeders sometimes find with sables and traditional tricolors (aka clearing) comes from the standard poodle side and although we have done as much as possible to reduce this phenomenon (like not using poodles who fade, carry silver alleles, select breeding stock with high intensity scores, etc.), this can still happen to breeders and there’s not a robust and predictive genetic marker for this yet nor is there even predictable patterns within litters and planned breeding programs with certain males and females. As such, we recommend that buyers search for bernedoodles based on conformation, coat quality and personality.  Our Premier Bernedoodles have one of the best conformations we have seen and we believe that is showcased on our webpage….big, drafty, European look with an exceptional coat and personality first and of course that super fun, goofy, smart,  loyal nature they have. There are two lists below. One is for the 2022 reservation list and the second list underneath is the master reservation list of everybody wanting a dog including those that are waiting until 2023 or later.  For the 2022 people, if you pass on any puppies offered in 2022 and wait until 2023 or later please be aware that others that passed in 2022 may want a puppy in 2023 and if they deposited ahead of you would be before you in the pick order. 

**NNP (Name Not Published)

**Inactive (in blue) refers to people that are not

getting a puppy at this time but want to remain 

on the master reservation list

2023 RESERVATION LIST (See below for 

complete list of approved buyers. The following

2023 list includes people on our full 

reservation list looking for a puppy in 2023.  Wait 

time for 2023 is 4-8 months.

1. Breeder Pick

2. Breeder Pick

3. NNP

4. Stacy S. (GA)

5. NNP

6. Meredith F. (GA) (Fall 2023)

7. Cay E. (MS)

8. John K. (SC) (2023)

9. Ryan D. (NC) 2023

10. Emily R. (SC) 

11. Andrew S. (NC) (2023)

12. Thomas D. (SC)

13. Ramky M. (GA) (2023)

14. Kristen G. (NC)

15. Joshua D. (NV) (2024)

16. Pamela B (GA)

17. Kourtney & Randy F. (NC)

18. Melissa J. (NC)

19. Devon N. (GA)

20. Jeff F. (NC)

21. Nancy D. (GA)

22. Nancy D. (GA) (2nd Deposit/2nd Puppy)

23. Emilie & Scott L. (FL)

24. Carmen M. (GA)

25. Debbie H. (FL) 

26. Jon & Kristen C. (NY)

27. Constantino L. (NC)

28. Kyle & Melanie A. (NC) (2023)

29.  Lindsay & Mike P. (NC) (2023/2024)

30. Tamara & Kevin R, (GA) 2023/2024)

31. Sharif  & Nuria R. (GA)

32. Scott & Tosha R. (AZ)

33. Nancy Jo T. (SC)

34. Michelle Steffen (SC)

35. Barbara Norris (MS)

36. Nancy & Brock H. (NC)

37. Amanda B. (PA)

38. Rebecca L-S. (ME) (2023)

39. Meenal & Suchit R. (GA)

40. Evan W. (SC)

41. Ryan H. (GA) (2023)

42. Ryan & Lisa B. (SC)

43. Curtis/Samantha K. (FL) 2023

44. Peter S. (OH)

45 Amanda G. (CA)

46. Andrew & Rachel B. (TX)

47. Steve & Sarah L. (SC)

48. Heather H. (GA)

49.  Diane K. (NH)

50. Maegan H. (TN)

51. Talmadge E .&  Kennedy H. (VA)

52. Whitney S. (SC)

53. Chris & Linda D. (SC)

54. Karen B. (NY)

55. Robert & Rebecca T. (GA)

56. Brett R. (FL)

57. Monte K. (FL) 2024

58. Andrew T. (WI)

59. Lindsay W. (MD)

60. Dionne U. (TX)

61. Dionne U. (TX)

62. Marc & Sue T. (PA)

63. Anna W. & David R. (NY)

64. Jim & Becky B. (NY)

65. Christine & David S. (NC)

66. Carl & Missi M. (NC)

67. Pele C. (CA)

68. Whitney A. (NC)

69. Johan F. (NJ)

70. Allie M. (CT) 2024

71. Lindsey & Daniel S. (NC)

72. Stephanie G. (SC)

73. Kathy F. (SC)

74. Alex M. (CA)

75. Scott M. (NC)

76. Hank, Michelle, Asher, Ryland G. (NC)

77. Dawn & David S. (MD)

78. Jeff D. (WA)

79. Jennifer D. (NC)

80. Xiaohui & Mike E. (NC)

81. Dean C. (FL)

82. Geoff T. (ID)

83. Sonya S. (NY)

84. Patrick D. (PA)

85. Eric M. (NC)

86. Shelley & Kyle K. (SC)

87. Jill S. (IA)

88. Whitney B. (NY)

89. Lois D. (FL)

90. Elizabeth & Steven T. (OH)

91. Noah & Samantha P. (NC)

92. Doug & Tina G. (TX)

93. Gwynn B.(NC)

94. Dee & Chuck C. (PA)

95. Nicole & Stephen R. (NC)

96. James & Alicia B. (SC)

97. Bill D. (AZ)

98. Jerry G. (SC)

99. Suzanne S. (CA)

100. Suzanne S. (CA)

101. Suzanne S. (CA)

102. Suzanne S. (CA)

103. Sarah J. (SC)

104. Magan W. (GA)

104. Chelsey A. (NC) 2024

105. Cathy G. (NY)

106. Sabrina M. (OH)

107. Ashley & Brandon S. (GA)

108. Sondralyn & David T. (GA)

109. Seth & Mary G. (SC)

110. Dave & Mary P. (SC)

111. Skip & Janice P. (SC)

112. Natalie R. (GA)



1. Breeder Pick

2. Breeder Pick

3. Paul and Brittany A. (FL) (Inactive)

4. Liz R. (MA) (Inactive)

5. NNP

6. Laura G. (CA) (Inactive)

7. Katie & Scott H. (MO) (Inactive)

8. Kelly C. (MA) (Inactive)

9. Joelle F. (TN) (Inactive)

10. Jane T. (NC) (Inactive)

11. Sonya N. (WA) (Inactive)

12. Sharra H. (NC) (Inactive)

13. Jessica & Marco F. (GA) (Inactive)

14. Ellen E. (GA) (Inactive)

15. Kelly G. (PA) (Inactive)

16. Alison S. (GA) (Inactive)

17. Meredith F. (GA) (fall 2023)

18. Whitney L. (SC)

19. Kirby D. (NC) (Inactive)

20. NNP

21. Candace & Jon K. (NC) (Inactive)

22. Amy S. (NC) (Inactive)

23. Lucy P. (FL) (2023)

24. Sandy & Anthony B. (SC) (Inactive)

25. Jennifer R. (FL) (Inactive)

26. Brian & Rachel S. (NC)

27. Teree R. (GA) (Inactive)

28. Suzanne D. (NJ) (Inactive)

29. Beckie & Dave B. (Bermuda/SC) (Inactive)

30. Duan  G. (SC) (Inactive)

31. Chris A. (SC) (Inactive)

32. Julie B. (NC) (Inactive)

33. Emily P. (FL) (Inactive)

34. Stacy S. (GA)

35. Kathy R. (MD/FL)

36. Courtney G. and John R. (DC) (Inactive)

37. Danielle M. (NC) (Inactive)

38. Steven and Jaimie D. (GA) (Inactive)

39. Marcia B. and Diane E. (GA) (Inactive)

40. Marcia B. and Diane E. (GA) (deposit 2nd puppy


41. Susan R. (GA) (2023)

42. Katy H. (SC) (Inactive)

43. NNP

44. Christopher B. (SC) (Inactive)

45. Katie W. (MD) (Inactive)

46. Gidon & Andrea M. (GA) (Inactive)

47. Steven & Connie Q. (MD) (Second Deposit for Puppy #2)


48. Mickey B. (GA) (Inactive)

49. Emily K. (GA) (Inactive)

50. Cay E. (MS)

51. Ella K. (FL) (Inactive)

52. Jeannie B. (IN) (Inactive)

53. Rukmini B. (NC) (2023)

54. Amir P. (CA) (Inactive)

55. Greg & Tammy J. (NC) (Inactive)

56. Laura H. (NC) (Inactive)

57. John K. (SC) (2023)

58. Wes P. (GA) (Inactive)

59. Patti B. (MO) (Inactive)

60. Ryan D. (NC) (2023)

61. Emily R. (SC) 

62. Jessica & Seth W. (NC)

63. Chezney T. (NC) (Inactive)

64. Angela H. (FL) (Inactive)

65. Kurt & Grace G. (WA) (Inactive)

66. Andrew S. (NC) (2023)

67. Thomas D. (SC)

68. Tabitha & Sean S. (TN) (Inactive)

69. Adrian B. (GA) (Inactive)

70. Shelby K. (NC)

71. Benjamin D. (NC) (2023)

72. Ramky M. (GA) (2023)

73. Alina F. (FL) (Inactive)

74. Greg L. (NC) (Inactive)

75 Kelly & Jason B. (NC) (Inactive)

76. Lisa H. (AZ) (Inactive)

77. Diane & Andrew A. (WI)

78. Iva P. (NC)

79. Cristina A. (VA) (Inactive)

80. Kristin G. (SC) (Inactive)

81. Owen J. (GA) (Inactive)

82. Joshua D. (NV)

83. Robert L. (NC) (Inactive)

84. Pamela B. (GA)

85. Katie & John D. (GA) (Inactive)

86. Barbara P. (GA) (Inactive)

87. Jillian G. (WA) (2024)

88. Sadie K. (GA) (2023)

89. Yanine V. (CA) (2023)

90. Antonio C. (MA) (2023) (Inactive)

91. Brandi K. (GA) (2023)

92. Danielle L. (PA) (Inactive)

93. Mandy B. (NC) (Inactive)

94. Kourtney & Randy F. (NC) (2023)

95. Susan L. (MO) (Inactive)

96. Jessica K. (FL) (Inactive)

97. Susan W. (NC) (Inactive)

98. Sandra P. (FL) (2023) 

99. Craig & Kathleen L. (NJ) (Inactive)

100. Melissa J. (NC) (2023-24)

101. James T. (MA) (Inactive)

102 . Katherine S. (MO) (2023 or later)

103. Devon N. (GA) (2023)

104. Valerie Shirin A. (NC)

105. Tracy L. (NC) (Inactive)

106. Jeff F. (NC)

107. Jeffrey V. (CA) (2023)

108. Nancy D. (GA)

109. Nancy D. (GA) (2nd Deposit/2nd Puppy)

110. Melissa P. (VA) (Inactive)

111. Lauren & Ben B. (NC) (Inactive)

112. Emilie & Scott L. (FL)

113. Carmen M. (GA)

114. Debbie H. (FL)

115. Candy & Jack D. (TN) (2024 mini/medium)

116. Jon & Kirsten C. (NY)

117. Leanne B. (MA) 

118. Tracy F (SC) (Inactive)

119. Dana H. (GA)

120. Hollie S. (NC)

121. Constantino L. (NC)

122. Kyle and Melanie A. (NC) (fall 2023)

123. Bill D. (FL) (Inactive)

124. Rich & Susan H. (AZ) (Inactive)

125. Lindsay & Mike P. (NC) (2023-2024)

126. Tamara & Kevin R. (GA) (2023-2024)

127. Norissa R. (GA)

128. Nick & Jamie W. (GA)

129. Annalisa I. (NC) (INACTIVE)

130. Claudia C. (NJ) (Inactive)

131. Sharif R. (GA)

132. Karen B. (NC)

133. Shelley & Bill N. (SC)

134. Scott R. (AZ)

135. Carrie E. (GA) (INACTIVE)

136. Nancy Jo. T. (SC)

137. Michelle S. (SC)

138.  Barbara N. (MS)

139. Nancy & Brock A. (NC)

140.  Gary & Jan V. (GA) (INACTIVE)

141. Amanda B. (PA)

142. Rebecca L-S. (ME) 2023

143. Meenal & Suchit R. (GA)

144. Evan W. (SC)

145. Ryan H. (GA)

146. Ryan & Lisa B. (SC)

147. Curtis/Samantha K. (FL)

148. Peter S. (OH)

149. Amanda G. (CA)

150.  Andrew & Rachel B. (TX)

151. Dennis H. (OH) (Inactive)

152.  Steve & Sarah  L. (SC)

153. Heather H. (GA)

154.  Diane K. (NH)

155. Maegan H. (TN)

156. Talmadge E. &  Kennedy H. (VA)

157. Whitney S. (SC)

158. Chris & Linda D. (SC)

159. Karen B. (NY)

160. Robert & Rebecca T. (GA)

161. Brett R. (FL)

162. Monte K. (FL)

163. Andrew T. (WI)

164. Lindsay W. (MD)

165. Dionne U. (TX)

166. Dionne U. (TX)

167. Marc & Sue T. (PA)

168. Anna W. & David R. (NY)

169. Jim & Becky B. (NY)

170. Christine & David S. (NC)

171. Carl & Missi M. (NC)

172. Pele C. (CA)

173. Whitney A. (NC)

174, Johan F. (NJ)

175. Allie M. (CT)

176. Lindsey & Daniel S. (NC)

177. Stephanie G. (SC)

178. Kathy F. (SC)

179, Alex M. (CA)

180. Scott M. (NC)

181. Hank, Michelle, Asher, Ryland G. (NC)

182. Dawn & David S. (MD)

183. Jeff D. (WA)

184. Jennifer D. (NC)

185. Xiaohui & Mike E. (NC)

186. Dean C. (FL)

187.  Geoff T. (ID)

188. Sonya S. (NY)

189. Patrick D. (PA)

190. Eric M. (NC)

191. Shelley & Kyle K. (SC)

192. Jill S. (IA)

193. Tim W. (NJ) (Inactive)

194. Whitney B. (NY)

195. Lois D. (FL)

196. Elizabeth & Steven T. (OH)

197. Noah & Samantha P. (NC)

198. Doug & Tina G. (TX)

199. Gwynn B. (NC)

200. Dee & Chuck C. (PA)

201. Nicole & Stephen R. (NC)

202. James B. (SC)

203. Bill D. (AZ)

204. Jerry G. (SC)

205. Suzanne S. (CA)

206. Suzanne S. (CA)

207. Suzanne S. (CA)

208. Suzanne S. (CA)

209. Sarah J. (SC)

210. Magan Ward (GA)

211. Chelsey A. (NC)

212. Cathy G. (NY)

213. Sabrina M. (OH)

214. Ashley & Brandon S. (GA)

215. Sondralyn & David T. (GA)

216. Seth & Mary G. (SC)

217. Dave & Mary P. (SC)

218. Skip & Janice P. (SC)

219. Natalie R. (GA)

Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle puppies Premier Doodles
Traditional tricolor F1b standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sablF1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Black and white F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Traditional tricolor F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Traditional tricolor F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles

Master Reservation List

Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Black and white F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Traditional tricolor F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Black and white F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Abstract phantom F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
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