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Puppy Headstart Program

Maybe you're too busy to train a puppy...Let us do the work!

Many families want to start with a high quality Premier Bernedoodle but don't have the time to put into the critical period of puppy development where the dogs are housebroken, crate trained, and basic obedience commands are learned.  We can provide a headstart program where we will take care of the above, in our home, so that they will quickly adapt to yours.  Many people like this idea, but are afraid the dog may not bond to their new family. You have nothing to fear or to be concerned with.  Our bernedoodle puppies will instantaneously adopt their new family as their own. This program does have a steep cost (we are with the puppy 24/7), but for some, it's well worth the time investment so that they can have a lifelong family member that will be ready to go.  But we are always here to help so please know that once you pickup your puppy at 8 weeks of age, we will always be a partner with you in the process irregardless if you want to do this headstart program.  We would highly recommend starting the puppy at 8 weeks of age in your home so that you can experience and enjoy comes and goes very fast!  This option is really for those that have no other option and are able to afford this program. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into this process as we are with the puppy 24/7, have 3-4 training sessions per day, socialization outings, and the list goes on and on.  We treat your puppy like royalty during this time so that when they leave our home that they will be instantly ready for their new home. 


Here's how our headstart program works:

1) We maintain all of the vaccinations during the time that we have the puppy, up until 5 months of age, at which time the puppy is transferred to their new home (Buyer);

2) We keep the puppy in our home and bathe it, trim their nails, feed it (we use the high quality TLC and can see a link to the TLC web page from header above about food), play with it, and keep the puppy well socialized to people and other dogs;

3) We will make sure that the puppy is crate trained, and, housebroken.  We will train the dogs to go to the back door when they need to go outside.  The dog will have a very good understanding that they need to go to the bathroom outside.  During the transition to their new home we recommend getting the dog out a lot over the next few days so that they can get used to the routine.  Although some accidents could happen, if the new owner closely monitors and gets the dog out often you shouldn't have any issues with this.  Once the dog gets into a new routine in it's new home should be fine.

4) We will begin teaching obedience  commands (sit, down, stay and come....these form the foundation for more advanced training if you would like to continue your own training).  These commands will need to be continuously used during the transition.


The cost:

1) $7,900 which includes all of the above (this is in ADDITION to the price of the puppy, estimated at $3000 depending on color & markings).  This fee is paid in two installments, the first $3950 payment is made at the time the puppy is purchased (at or before 8 weeks of age) and the second $3950 is paid when you pickup the puppy.  Payment can be made by way of PayPal (use 

2) $650 for each additional week beyond 5 months.   If you want a reduced head start program we can do any other length of time for $650/week.  We would always encourage new puppy owners to get their puppy as soon as possible.

3) Buyer agrees to pick up the puppy at our residence or to make arrangements for us to courier the puppy to your home.  Usual cost is $0.50/mile which is paid up front prior to making the trip.  

4) Premier Doodles assumes all responsibility and financial liability associated with the livelihood of the puppy while in our possession and during transport of the puppy to the Seller's home.  Once the puppy has been handed over to the new Buyer, the Buyer assumes all liability of the dog.  This has never been an issue but we wanted to let you know our policy. 

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