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Our Bernedoodle adventure!

We have always loved dogs, and both Sharon and I grew up with dogs since we were born. We were both blessed to have parents that had dogs in the house during our childhood and this early experience has fostered our continued love for dogs today. We have been able to pass on this experience to our kids, and our oldest son Brenden and his wife Kara now have three Great Danes. We had a Standard Poodle for many years, and have also had German Short-haired Pointers, Great Dane, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, labradoodles, and an American Bulldog. All of these were great dogs in their own right, but we wanted to find a breed that was low to non-shedding, fun, playful, trustworthy with kids, bonds with the whole family, enjoys being with the family, is loyal, healthy, intelligent, and the ultimate family member! After much research we knew we had something great in the Standard Poodle, as well as the Bernese Mountain Dog, and the Bernedoodle was a byproduct of trying to get both breeds into one.....voila the Bernedoodle! Obviously we weren't the first one's to create this one (Swiss Ridge gets the credit) but we do believe that our carefully selected founder population is some of the best....which is why we use the name Premier Doodles. You're in for an adventure for sure!

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