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Summer/Fall 2020 Litter Updates

Most all of our girl poodles had their heat cycles start at about the same time...welcome to the dormitory effect! We have completed two (2) AI's for each of the following crosses in order that they occurred: Dakota x Ford (F1 standard bernedoodles), Cheyenne x Yogi (F1 standard bernedoodles), Macy x Ford (F1 standard bernedoodles), Zoe x Ford

Yogi (European Bernese mountain dog)

(F1 standard bernedoodles) and Lexi x Yogi (F1 standard bernedoodles). We will have to wait for a few weeks to start confirming these pregnancies via ultrasound. We will likely be breeding River x Jax as well but waiting for her heat cycle to start. All of these crosses have and will produce stunning F1 standard bernedoodles.

Ford (European Bernese Mountain Dog)

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