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Tyson! European AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

Tyson comes from an amazing European bloodline and related to our Ford, Elsa, River and Hera. Like his brothers and sisters Tyson has a big drafty and square build and has a beautiful coat and he loves playing with people.  Very smart and trains easy he is also confident but knows his place in the pack and the other dogs really enjoy playing with him. We couldn't ask for a sweeter, goofier and more fun puppy than Tyson.  Like Ford he will be an amazing dad some day. He is clear on all genetic markers and we will be testing his hips and elbows when he gets a little older. You're going to love getting to know Tyson...named after the heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (if you're a Mike Tyson fan could easily go his way as well!). 

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