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Current Litters...

The Process:


We maintain a master reservation list that you can find under the tab "Puppy Central".  This is a list of pre-approved buyers that have an approved puppy application (application is on our home page) and after approval submitted their $500 nonrefundable deposit (goes towards cost of puppy) to get onto this list.  As we have a litter, we go down our list, in order of deposits, to see who would like a puppy from that respective litter in order of deposits.  Commonly we go very deep into our deposit list as many people on our list are not ready for a puppy quite yet. You will see on our master reservation list two lists: 1) current people that are ready for a puppy in the current year; and 2) the complete list of approved buyers for the current year and those getting puppies in future years.

The first step to purchasing a puppy from us is to complete the online Puppy Application that you will find on our home page. Then, if a family has been pre approved and has deposited they will be placed onto our master reservation list in order of deposits.  The usual wait time to get a puppy can range between 5-10 months (some colors like merle tricolors and sables could be a longer wait and ranges between 12-18+ months) albeit we have also had many people get these colors much sooner as well.  


We will update this page as we have more information BUT for immediate day-to-day updates please check out our FaceBook page at Weekly pictures and videos can be found on our FaceBook page.

Current/Upcoming Summer/Early Fall 2023 Litters (as each female has a litter we will provide a link to their own page along with pictures of the puppies; for pictures of the adults look for the tab at the top "Our Dogs"):

Jewel x Ford (F1 Standard Bernedoodles; Had 4 traditional tricolor and 2 sables; reserved);


Cheyenne x Yogi (F1 Standard Bernedoodles; Confirmed Pregnant; Due end of July 2023; reserved);


Autumn x Leo (F1b Standard Bernedoodles; Due September 14th, 2023);


GiGi x Ford (F1 Standard Bernedoodles; Due September 14th, 2023);

Indie x Ford (F1 Standard Bernedoodles; Due September 20th, 2023)

Please visit our FaceBook page for daily updates including pictures and videos (  The next pages are for our current litters or confirmed pregnancies and will be available at that time (If there are no pages then we are waiting on the puppies!).  You can see "Past Litters" at the end of the menu at the dropdown menu at the top.

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