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Snap shot of the Steps to Buying a Premier Doodle:

1) Complete our Puppy Application which you can find a link on our home page at the top (which also requires reading our Puppy Contract);

2) If approved, pay the $500 nonrefundable deposit (this also goes towards the cost of the puppy);

3) Your name will then be added to the Master Reservation List in order of deposits received;

4) Look for updates on our website here and our FaceBook page at as we will post updates about current and upcoming litters.

5) Once we confirm the number of puppies that will be in the litter, we will then go down our reservation list, in order of deposits, to find out who is looking for a puppy at that time.  Once we get the first group of people based on the number of puppies we are going to have, we will then notify them after the puppies are born and let everybody know the gender and colors/patterns that we got.  

6) We post weekly individual photos of each puppy along with lots of other pictures and videos that we post on our FaceBook page Premier Doodles. 

7) At around 5 weeks of age we will then do puppy picks, again, in order of deposits.  We will have provided guidance leading up to this time about personalities (including Volhard and Puppy Aptitude Test results), and the like.  Each person has 2 hours to make a decision so that those on this shortened list need to make sure that they have a few picks in mind leading up to the day we start doing our picks.

8) When it's the customers  pick, they can either make a selection from the available puppies or they can pass and stay on the reservation list (see our Puppy Contract under the Puppy Central tab at the top for more details about this).  

9) With each passing litter everybody moves up depending on how many in front of them selected a puppy.  

We maintain a single master reservation list with each person being listed in order of deposits (you can find this list in a tab under "Puppy Central" at the top). The benefit of this to our customers is that when it's your choice you can choose a puppy or stay on the list and continue to move up in rank until such a time (and hopefully not too long) that you get the puppy color and pattern you are looking for (but see our Puppy Contract under Puppy Central at the top regarding some limitations once you are offered a puppy of the color and sex you were looking for).  With that said we haven't had one puppy of any color pattern not be exactly what our customers are looking for.....a puppy that is going to be housebroken fast, intelligent, loves people and others dogs, very well socialized, and already fast tracked with obedience training.  We can not guarantee heat cycles but can give projections based on pattern of past heat cycles, however, this is always a best guess.  We do progesterone testing in our lab here at the Carmichael homestead but this is only done to confirm the exact time that coitus or artificial insemination should occur after the heat cycle as already started.  We also can not guarantee how many traditional tricolor, sable, phantom or black and white puppies we can produce at any one litter.  If you are specifically looking for just one of these color types, then you may have to stay on the master reservation list for a while until such a time that your pick puts you in the best position to get this.  Our sables and merles are always in high demand, however, due to genetics we can only produce about 12-15 sables  and about 10-12 merles per year.  We have recently added another sable and sable carrier standard poodle girl to our breeding program so that we can eventually increase our sables to about 16-20 per year.  

The subsequent tabs will show the customers in order of deposit (ie Master Reservation List).  For those on these lists, you can choose to skip your turn as far as picking a puppy (once a litter has hit the ground and has been presented to you) if you don't see what you are looking for and will remain on the list  so that you will either stay at the same spot or move up the list for subsequent litters as people ahead of you select puppies.  We will need everybody to choose their puppy within two calendar years after deposit (or up until an offer has been made for the color and sex of the puppy you indicated you had a preference for on the puppy application, if this has not occurred within 2 years of deposit we can extend this time period).  If the issue is on our end (as far as not producing enough puppies irregardless of color/pattern) then we will discuss this on a case by case basis.  Those on the master list, in order of deposits, would have the opportunity to select any puppies from these lists that might still be available.  We hope to have a total of 8-12 litters of F1, F1b and Multigen Standard Premier Bernedoodles each year and 2-4 litters of multigen minibernedoodles per year.  

If you have any questions, please never hesitate to contact us at your convenience.  Our email is


Chris and Sharon

Abstract phantom F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Black and white F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Black and white F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sabe F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
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