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What IS a Bernedoodle?

It is a carefully planned mixed breed that results from crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard Poodle (eg. F1 standard bernedoodle).  These are NOT mutts which implies a breeding between unknown breeds or not carefully planned.  These are designer breeds that are bred for a specific purpose. We produce an incredible bernedoodle that displays the qualities of both our champion line Standard Poodles and the Bernese Mountain Dog pedigrees. The advantage of a carefully planned mixed breed is that you get the added advantage of a phenomenon called "hybrid vigor".  This process shuffles new combinations of genes that helps to increase longevity and decrease the usual ailments that impact many purebred dogs such as various forms of inherited types of cancer (not all cancers have a genetic basis such as small and large cell lymphoma which is usually a result from environmental exposure).  The bernedoodles are super healthy and are not as prone to the same issues that Bernese mountain dogs and standard poodles are.  As a result, you have a family member for a lot longer and that will live a vibrant and healthy life if properly cared for (diet, exercise, and family integration are all important components toward helping the dog to live a long happy life with you...we will provide our new adopted families with the information needed to have a successful new family member!). You can see the links above about the qualities of Standard Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs as both are extraordinary breeds in their own right and for many, purebreds of these may be a great option as well. We prefer the Bernedoodle as they get the best of both breeds, incredibly loyal, goofy, smart, playful, intelligent, and has one of the best dog personalities we have seen in a family dog.  The Premier F1 Standard Bernedoodle is a low- to mostly nonshedding (we use standard poodles that do not carry the improper coat alleles and Bernese mountain dogs that have thick wavy curly us non shedding F1 beauties) dog and a very good option for those with dog allergies (unless you are allergic to their saliva, in which case any dog breed could be an issue but likely you'll have less with the non shedding or low shedding breeds such as the bernedoodle). If you want a guarantee on non shedding, then you should try to select an F1b or F1bb bernedoodle. Both look amazingly similar to the F1 standard bernedoodles but maybe a little smaller. We will produce about 2 F1b and F1bb standard bernedoodle litters per year for those wanting a more curly coat in their bernedoodles.


Premier Bernedoodles love to be with the family and do not do well in environments of isolation. Wherever the family is, that's right where they want to be.  They are stunning dogs, and you'll likely get a lot of attention and people asking you what kind of dog you have. They are beautiful and along with their incredibly gentle personalities, you will have an absolutely stunning dog.  They are a perfect companion dog that love to go on walks through the city or hikes in the woods or mountains or a swim at the beach.  They love it all and will be at your side the entire time.  They don't tend to wander away as they prefer to be with you...right with you!  They equally love just hanging out with you on the couch watching your favorite movie or watching you reading a book.  They really love it all as long as you're a part of it.  They are so loyal to the family. Bernedoodle puppies do have energy like most puppies, and this will continue thru about 1-2 years of age at which time they really mellow out.  They are not nervous nor hyper but will need some off leash time where they can really stretch their legs and run.  The old motto "a tired puppy is a good puppy" always prevails!  Just make sure they have a lot of fresh water and a cool spot to cool off afterward.   


Due to the the recombination and shuffling of new genetic variations, they do show some variation in their coloration however they also all have a common morphology that tells you it's a bernedoodle. Although we do take deposits on a first come, first pick basis, we will know the puppies well, their personalities, and can help select a puppy that best fits your lifestyle and what you are looking for. We only use Standard Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs to produce our Premier Bernedoodles so that any dog we accept into our Premier Bernedoodle program have passed stringent health tests, display family oriented personalities, and exhibit the best of conformation so that our bernedoodles are absolutely beautiful.  You will also have the option to register your Premier Bernedoodle puppy through the CKC. Be very cautious when purchasing a purebred or bernedoodle without doing your due diligence as the puppies will always be cute, but will exhibit the personalities of the bloodline used later in life....often times with disastrous consequences. Therefore, use a reputable breeder that has invested in the dogs they use for their breeding programs and that raise them as their own family members. They should be able to produce their pedigrees as well, and should have both parents on site so you can see how they react to you. Do to an inability to evaluate quality assurance/quality control programs of other breeders we are no longer making referrals except through email. We are very Type A when it comes to the quality of dogs which makes it more difficult to give referrals. We are always going to be biased and believe that the wait for a Premier Bernedoodle is worth it and you'll be very happy you did!  Also you can visit your local humane society and help rescue a dog at the shelter...this is always a great option.  If you have young kids be sure to get a younger dog from the shelter that can adapt to your family.  But if you're looking for a unique new family member, a Premier Bernedoodle will be a true delight.


Colors and Fur


Our Premier Bernedoodles will be traditional tri-color (much like a Bernese Mountain Dog), abstract tricolor (similar to a traditional tricolor with less white in the face), sable (similar to a traditional tri-color but has more reddish-browns due to the poodle genetics we use), phantom, merle, merle tricolor, or bi-colored (brown and white, black and white, or shades thereof).  Our F1b's will consist of black and whites, traditional tricolors, abstract tricolors, and lots of variable brown and reddish brown and whites.  Color never reflects temperament and personality so usually most people don't really care too much what color they are.  They are all really beautiful.  Although there's variation due to the hybrid vigor present as a result of the recombination of genes in many arrays, there is definitely a bernedoodle appearance that is fairly consistent.  If you let the hair grow, they will look like big shaggy dogs that you can't help but to give a big hug to.  And they enjoy every minute of it! Also be aware of false information about merles and associated health impacts (e.g. visual and hearing impairment).  It only takes one copy of the merle allele to get the merle phenotype to express. The health impacts come into play when one breeds two merles together or two dogs that carry the merle allele....we do not do this and color test every single dog that enters our program to assure that we do not breed two merle or dogs carrying the merle allele.


Our Premier Bernedoodles will tend to have wavy curly coats (due to the coat types we require in our bernese mountain dogs which helps to minimize or eliminate shedding...most of our F1 Standard Premier Bernedoodles do not shed), and these coats either shed minimally or not at all (non shedding is what everybody has reported based on questionnaires we send our customers) and the reason why we use Standard Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs that will express these characteristics.  We do make sure that our standard poodles do not carry the genetic marker known as the "Improper Coat" allele or IC for short.  Wavy curly coats do require a little more grooming (as compared to straight, but many, straight coats shed more...and some do not but you need to discuss with the breeder) to prevent matting, as compared to straight coats but we are after a superior silky wavy curly coat that will have minimal to mostly nonshedding tendencies.




These are considered to be large dogs, in that females can range between 60-75+ pounds and about 22-26+ inches at the withers (there's always going to be some that are smaller, and some that are larger) and males range between 75-90+ pounds and about 24-28+ inches at the withers.  Although they are considered to be large, they don't act like a large dog in the house.  They are generally very careful and calm natured as adults however they do have some puppy-fun energy thru the puppyhood stages and thru 3 years of age. They love people and other pets!




As a "breed", the longevity of our well bred bernedoodle should be about 12-14+ years, making this a very hardy hybrid that will give your family many years of fun and excitement and loyalty.  We do thorough genetic testing of our adults that we use in our breeding program to assure that you are purchasing the healthiest of bernedoodle puppies.  Our Bernese mountain dogs come from very long-lived blood lines in Western Europe and these longer lifespans is one of the many reasons we obtain our Berners from several specific populations known for their longevity. Obviously we can't guarantee lifespan as there are many variables outside of our control (not to mention, environment, stress, climate, food, etc.).  But track record seems to show a longer lifespan.

F1, F1b, F1bb and Multigen Standard Bernedoodle vs Minibernedoodle...What's the Difference?

An F1 results from a Bernese mountain dog x standard poodle cross.  An F1b is an F1 standard Bernedoodle backcrossed to a standard poodle (or could be a backcross to a Bernese mountain dog but we generally use the poodle as the backcross).  An F1bb is an F1b standard Bernedoodle backcrossed to a standard poodle.  A multigen is any type of bernedoodle bred to another bernedoodle.  Behaviorally they are all very similar with the F1bb's being slightly smaller than our F1 standards and tend to have slightly curlier coats (to a tight wave).  Our F1b's can often be as big as our F1 standards and often with a similar coat with some that will be on the slightly curlier side. If you're looking for a smaller standard Bernedoodle these would be a great option along with our minibernedoodles that usually range between 35-50 lbs.  Pictures are posted below with the other pictures. We continue to get lots of praise from those that have purchased our F1b and F1bb standard bernedoodles.


Is the Bernedoodle for Everybody?


I would like to think so, but if you do not plan on being with your bernedoodle and keeping it with you, in your home, as part of your home, this is definitely not the dog for you.  They thrive on being with the family and not isolated (we believe this is the case for all dogs, and especially bernedoodles).    Any of our puppies kept in a permanent kennel situation, on a tether, or the like, will violate the terms and conditions of our puppy contract and will have to render the puppy or dog back to Premier Doodles (see puppy contract in Puppy Central tab above).  We definitely support crate training as a training tool during housebreaking, but these dogs are not meant to live their life in a crate nor kennel!


If you want a pet that prefers to be in isolation, you may want to consider a nonsocial pet (perhaps a Betta fish!).

In all seriousness, here are some considerations BEFORE buying a bernedoodle:

1) like all puppies they are going to need a lot of work.  Yes we have done a lot of the hard work the first 8 weeks as we do extensive early neurological stimulation (bio-sensor) and Puppy Culture program, along with starting crate training and housebreaking, BUT, they are puppies and will need your undivided attention for the next 4-5 weeks as they work towards being completely housebroken and earning more privileges.

2) like most puppies, they will display mouthing behavior (i.e. puppy biting).  They have been communicating with their siblings for the past 8 weeks using their mouth.  During their normal daily interactions, you will occasionally hear a loud "yelp" in response to one biting another too hard.  This yelp usually ends the mouthing behavior.  Now puppies have fur and people generally do not.  When you bring your bernedoodle home, they will likely display some degree of mouthing behavior toward their human family.  When they bite us too hard we YELL WITH VIGOR "OUCH" followed by "NO BITE".  And we say it like we REALLY mean it.  This will usually stop this behavior.  We then redirect their desire to mouth to something more appropriate like a chew toy and after a few seconds of cooperating we praise them.  But you and your family are going to have to be prepared for this mouthing/puppy biting behavior.  The good news....they outgrow this by about 5-6 months of age. 

3) although we start the crate training and housebreaking, they will need a lot of work when they get home.  We have a Puppy Guide under our tab "Puppy Central" on how to unpack this process so that you can have success.  If you put them time in early, they will have this knocked out in a few days.  The rule of thumb is to get them outside ALOT...again read our Puppy Pack.  Be sure to purchase two Midwest XL crates (can get from our Puppy Store), one for the back door and one next to your bed.

4) puppies are not fully vaccinated until 16 weeks of age so limit exposure risks.

5) you might be saying "I'm paying a lot of money so that I can have a perfect puppy..."  Well news kids there's no such thing and although we have been very careful with the genetics of our parents, and have put in a TON of time into preparing the puppies for their new home, they are still living beings with individual personalities.  The power of meiosis (specialized cell division event that occurs in the reproductive organs, ovaries for females and testes for males) and crossing over assures that each offspring will be diverse and different and this difference will be noticeable in color and a little bit in behavior.  All will be superior, but some will be more playful and others less so, some will mouth more than others, etc.  


Available Puppies...


Check out our "Available Puppies" tab at the top to find out how to get onto our Master List for a future puppy!


Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Abstract phantom F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Traditional Tricolor F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable  F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
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