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What is a Bernedoodle?

A bernedoodle is part bernese mountain dog and part poodle and is a carefully planned mixed breed designed to combine the loyalty and goofiness of a berner and the intelligence and lifespan of a standard poodle.  At Premier Doodles we breed two types of bernedoodles, F1 and F1b Standard Bernedoodles and Multigen Minibernedoodles.

An F1 standard bernedoodle is half standard poodle and half bernese mountain dog.  Females generally range between 65-75+ lbs and males 75-85+ lbs.  Our F1b standards will often get about the same size.  Some of our females will trend into the 90's and some of our boys will trend over 100 lbs so there is some variability in weights and we can help direct which planned breedings will get you closest to the size range you're looking for. 

Our multigenerational minibernedoodles will range between 35-55 lbs, with males tending toward the higher part of this range and females covering this range.  Again if you're looking for a smaller or larger minibernedoodle we can help advise which planned breedings will come closest to achieving this goal. 

All of our F1 and F1b standard bernedoodles, and our multigen minibernedoodles will be fully furnished and carry the normal furnishing allele that gives us the standard teddy bear fluffy look.  We do maintain a blood line of standard poodles that will carry a loose wavy coat allele that is furnished but will have a slightly thinner but looser wavy coat and litters from standard poodle moms that carry the loose wavy coat gene and each puppy from those litters are genetically tested so we can advise buyers which puppies do and do not carry the loose wavy coat gene (we only have one mom that has this at this time, the rest all carry two copies of the normal fluffy coat gene).  The advantage of the loose wavy coat is that they tend to hold their color better and easier to manage.   For litters where we are using a standard poodle that carries this loose wavy coat gene we will test every single puppy in that litte to make sure we know which carry the loose wavy coat vs standard teddy bear fluffy allele. Again most of the bernedoodles we produce are fully furnished. 

The standard bernedoodle is a fast growing large breed that is incredibly smart, loyal, goofy and wants to please you with everything it does.  They train very easily and our puppy training program is exceptional at preparing our puppies for their new homes.  However being a large breed the family MUST be able to satisfy the 4 pillars required to be successful: 1) health (providing high quality nutrition); 2) physical exercise; 3) mental exercise; and almost most importantly to have a well adjusted calm bernedoodle.....4) boundaries and authority over them.  If parents can not exert authority over their dog and afraid of correcting quickly negative behaviors as they come up with love but absolute authority they should not get a bernedoodle.  Also there must be boundaries as well so that the dog understands the game plan.  If this last pillar is not satisfied then the dog will take on an alpha role and that will actually lead to more stress in your dog's life then allowing you to be the alpha.  

Bernedoodles are exceptional family dogs and will love kids of all ages.  HOWEVER the parents and children must teach their new puppy structure and boundaries and be appropriately loving but firm as well.  Families that do not have control over their large fast growing bernedoodle could end up with some dominance issues so be sure to teach your new puppy boundaries right from the start....much like a kid!  They should have a longevity of approximately 12+ years but this can be impacted by the administration of traditional flea and tick preventative meds as these are full of toxins and there's many class action law suits due to a rapidly increasing cancer association and as such the FDA has also submitted warnings. 

We produce standard bernedoodles that are black and white, sable, merle, merle tricolor, and traditional tricolor.  Our multigen minibernedoodles will be traditional tricolors, merles or parti colors. 

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