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The Premier Doodles Difference!
What Do You Get With Your Puppy?

We are often asked "What makes Premier Doodles different?".  This is a great question and every buyer should find a breeder that satisfies their concerns and desires in what they want in a breeder for their new puppy.  With that in mind, here's a list of what we think makes us different:

1) Our dogs are kept in our home as you would with your new fur baby!  For us, we need to know our dams/sires inside and out to make sure they are suitable for our breeding program AND we need to have the puppies for all 8 weeks here as we do an extensive Puppy Culture and Bio-Sensor (aka early neurological stimulation) training with each one and have to monitor health.  Both of these programs are critical for getting your puppy off to the best start possible.  Plus we do additional crate and housebreaking training during the first 8 weeks while in our care. 

We can only maintain our high level of QA/QC if the puppies are with us in our home for the first 8 weeks.  We get to know each one very well, and yes, we get extremely attached to each one.  But because they are raised in our home, around the cacophony of kid noises, musical instruments, vacuums, conversation, and other home noises, they grow up to be very calm and well adjusted (this is in addition to the intentionality of Puppy Culture training and creating an environment that promotes a positive conditioned emotional response to various tasks).  This is discussed in other parts of our website.   Our dogs have the run of our home and interact with us daily (and yes the moms sleep in our bed as well...treated like queens!).  Because we homeschool our kids we are with them virtually 24/7.  We also have lots of daily exercise for them besides their normal play.  We take our full pack on a 2-mile walk in the morning and the rest of the day is just in and out play.  They do learn routines as part of their obedience training. But most importantly they just love to hang out and be with all of us.

Black and white F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Black and white F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Traditional tricolor F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles

2) We have a three prong approach to assuring that you will get the best puppy available.  First, we do extensive genetic, hip/elbow and eye testing to assure that we have done our due diligence in starting with the healthiest dams and sires we can provide.  Obviously the environment (including a quality food, etc.) the puppy is raised in will have a strong bearing on overall health. But our testing we do assures that we will produce a puppy that is healthy.  We do provide a health guarantee as well which is discussed in our puppy contract.   Secondly, we  also make sure that the temperament of each dog we use in our program meets are VERY strict criteria in that the dams and sires are calm natured, fun, smart and love people.  And Thirdly, we want our F1 Standard Premier Bernedoodles to look amazingly beautiful (exceptional coat, drafty conformation, square head, etc.).  We believe there is a difference and this is easily seen in our dogs and that you'll see throughout our website. 

3) We are always available to answer questions before, during and after puppyhood for the lifetime of your puppy/dog.  We receive numerous complements from buyers (see our "Testimonial" page) that say we are always there to support them and have very quick service.  We have a vested interest in making sure each of our puppies not only do well, but thrive in their new forever home.  We know these puppies very well and are extremely attached to them, and as such, we want them to be successful in your home. We will always work to resolve concerns you may have and consider ourselves a life-long partner. 

Red sable F1 standard bernedoodle Premier Doodles
Red and white parti standard poodles Premier Doodles

4) We are big into nutrition and only feed our our dams, sires and puppies the best, freshest, kibble food available (we use corn, wheat and soy free foods such as TLC and supplement with NuVet, information for both can be found on our website).  We also add dog friendly raw vegetables, fruit and meats.  We do support raw diets and can help with giving a formula that has a proven track record as well. We DO NOT feed nor recommend grain-free diets due to the growing evidence of cardiac disease associated with this.

5) We provide our dams and sires free roam of our home and have a large fenced in backyard that they can freely go out and play in.  Usually wherever the kids are...that's where you'll find the our dogs!  Our puppies are brought outside frequently starting at Week 5.  This gets them used to the housebreaking process, and we use transition litter boxes so they learn that there is a right and a wrong place to relieve themselves.  We have a special program we have created to enhance this and as such, our puppies come to you understanding where they need to go potty and most all of our customers state over and over how easy our puppies are to housebreak.  This really will be the easy part of puppyhood. 

6) We do this as a full-time hobby....I am a full-time Professor of Biology with lots of experiences working as a Zoo Keeper and Curatorial Advisor in large AZA Zoos.  We strive to be the best and never satisfied with the such we work very hard to assure we have the best dams and sires to produce our Premier Bernedoodles.   We do appreciate our customers very much and our Type A personalities assures you that we will strive to produce the best (this feeds our very competitive spirit as well!).

7) Every puppy goes through the Volhard Puppy Aptitude and Puppy Aptitude Testing program.  This program is rubric based system that applies numerical values (1-6) for 10 separate tests that look at social attraction to people, willingness to follow people, degree of dominant or submissive tendency, degree of acceptance of social dominance by a person, degree of accepting dominance while at the veterinarian or groomers, degree of willingness to do something for you such as retrieving, degree of sensitivity to touch, degree of sensitivity to sound (loud noises and/or thunderstorms), degree of response to a moving object (such as bicycles or running children or squirrels, etc.), and degree of startle response to a strange object.  From all of this we use a scoring system to evaluate each puppy and how they might fit into different home environments. However because of the consistency we require in our adults we also get very consistent scores out of our puppies as well.  

8) We do Early Neurological Stimulation (i.e. Biosensor) between 3-16 days on ALL of our puppies followed by Puppy Culture training.  Both of these programs are critical for the development of our puppies and as such we feel they are much better prepared for their new homes.  This program works on fear response recovery, problem solving, communication, socialization, and many more and we also start crate training right from the get go and have various steps we follow to start the housebreaking process.  This is a very strategic plan and many of our videos on this are on our FaceBook page at

9) We provide 30 day free Health Insurance thru Trupanion and a 2-year genetic health guarantee.

10) Puppies are checked weekly for parasites including all dog intestinal worms, coccidia and giardia. All puppies are pretreated several times before going to their new homes and checked one last time the day before puppy pickup to insure that all puppies are parasite free.

11) Puppies go home with a Puppy Pack consisting of a nice gift bag filled with their medical records (including microchip information), mom scented stuffed animal and cloth, split elk antler, various dog toys that we recommend and several puppy guides that we also recommend. 

12) Automatic 25% lifetime discount to Baxter & Bella online puppy training video program. You must use our code (PREMIER) and go to or you can call them at (435)787-9000


13) We have a website with lots of information, and, we have two Facebook pages.  One that is open to anybody that you can find at  Here we post continual updates on litters as they come including lots of photos and videos.  Once you pickup your puppy, we have a second Facebook page that is by invite only that can be found at  Although many want to get into this page, it is only for our customers that have brought home their puppies.  Here people can post updated pictures of their furry family members, hook up with other families to have a Premier Bernedoodle day, and the list goes on and on.  It's a great place to network and share ideas as well.

We appreciate your time looking at our website, and if you have any questions, please never hesitate to drop us a line at

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