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What do you get with a new puppy?

1) Bio-Sensor & Puppy Culture Program;
Please see our tab for this program

2) All puppies will have received their 8-week  health check;

3) All puppies have their fecals checked weekly and treated proactively to prevent infections from occurring.  We run a very stringent quality control/quality assurance program to eliminate common problems. Some common problems that we check for and proactively treat for include ectoparasites and endoparasites (pinworm, tapeworm, roundworm, coccidia, and giardia, to name a few).      

4) You will get a  health record book, and a notebook of information specific toward your puppy. We will post weekly updated pictures and video under our puppy tab that you are welcome to copy or link for your own records. The parents have been thoroughly tested and is explained in the tab under "Genetic & Diagnostic Tests That We Do".

 5) Puppies will be head started and introduced to crate training and will have been exposed to their basic commands (sit, down, stay, and come). We use these commands constantly throughout the day and since we are with the puppies 24/7, they will have heard these commands over and over and will have a great headstart.  We also start the process of crate training and teaching them to go potty outside and our puppies will be easier to get housebroken, but this is a two way'll need to keep working on this constantly the first few weeks....see our "Raising Bernedoodle Puppies"  training tab at the top. 

6) Puppies will be very well socialized to people and other dogs...they should not have any fear responses to other people no matter their age and should be friendly toward other dogs and animals.  They really love all people and animals (even chickens, and you name it!). However read our Puppy Contract for important information about what has to be done after the puppy goes home to maintain a healthy fear recovery response.

7) Puppies will be microchipped and each Buyer will be provided with the registration information.

8) Puppies are raised in our home so that they are exposed to all of the typical day to day home noises like vacuums, alarm clocks, kitchen noises, people noises, car noises, and the list goes on and on.  We want our puppies to transition smoothly to your new home.  We also, weather dependent, provide water opportunities to our puppies via low stream sprinklers and very shallow kiddie pools under supervision.  Our past customers tell us that our bernedoodles love water..that they do!!  

Because we are not a BIG breeder (but have a BIG and great reputation) we can put A LOT of time into our breeding animals as they are part of our family and live in our guardian homes.  We only keep what we can manage in our home.  We have invested significant amount of time and financial resources to make sure you receive the best bernedoodle money can buy.  One that is beautiful and parents carefully tested (hips, elbows, genetic, blood and health), intelligent, socialized, and having been started on crate training, housebreaking and basic obedience commands.  Customer after customer keeps telling us how their puppies were already housebroken or nearly so and this is in large part due to getting our puppies outside a lot throughout the day and praising them everytime they go potty outside.  We do begin to use potty commands with each and every puppy as well very early around 4 weeks of age, thus reinforcing this process.  Plus we do the Bio-Sensor and Puppy Culture programs and much, much, more.
We do all this to produce the best bernedoodles on the market. 

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