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Puppy Culture Program

Premier Doodles is now an approved Puppy Culture Partner! 

The Puppy Culture Program is a program that we do in conjunction with the Bio-Sensor puppy program at no cost to the new's included in the price of the puppy and we are delighted to continue to offer both programs at no extra cost.  We do this to assure that each puppy is well acclimated and will give years of fun and satisfaction.  The first 12 weeks of the puppy's life is so incredibly important in setting the stage for future successes and we do both of these programs to give our customers the best puppy possible.   Both the Bio-Sensor and Puppy Culture programs are designed to enhance the plasticity of the neurological response and helps to build emotional resilience, socialization, leash walking ability,  house (potty) training/breaking, and the list goes on and on.


There are various behavioral markers that we key in on that will first be observed between 3-5 weeks of age where we use a suite of passive and active enrichment exercises as part of early neurological stimulation to help with the remaining training we do while in our care and until we pass the baton of doggy parenting to their new homes.    In the end our puppy's are better thinkers, adapt better to the cacophony of chaos in a home environment, and will ultimately be a perfect new family member.


We get a ton of testimonials from past customers saying how fast their new Premier Bernedoodles learned, house broke, and settled into their new digs.   If you are interested in getting a copy of this program please hit the link below for "Puppy Culture" and you can get more information, some videos, and if you would like to order the program to finish up this training you can find the information at their website. We recommend that you continue this program thru the 12th week of age and the investment of this program will have long lasting positive results.

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