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What do we recommend for food?

What makes TLC unique and the super best is that their "All Life Stages" food contains added green-lipped mussels for chondroitin and glucosamine. This provides a lifetime of proper muscle and joint health (Fromm does not add anything like this).  TLC is family owned and operated, which means the quality control is in-house and maintained by the owner.  TLC is ALWAYS MADE FRESH, which means each bag delivered FREE to our customers is so super fresh, actually made within weeks of placing it in the dog's bowl. There is never a middleman or warehouse that holds their food.   TLC has a fantastic, live Customer Service team, who are educated on their food and can answer anything our customers ask.  TLC also adds salmon oil to the food AFTER cooking.  This super oil is perfect for doodle coats.   If you have any questions you can contact us at or  Jilleen Williams, TLC Breeder Specialist, at

TO ORDER TLC ADULT ALL-LIFE STAGES DOG FOOD (we recommend the adult vs the puppy as the adult food exceeds AAFCO for puppies and contain chondroitin and glucosamine which are both very important in the formation of joints in fast growing large breeds like Bernedoodles).













People often ask us, "What do you feed your dogs?" and we thought we would share our experience with an incredible food we’ve been feeding called TLC Pet Food.


Like so many of you, we’ve done a lot of research, looking for the best food possible to meet the nutritional needs of our pups. We have been using TLC for some time and have had extremely good results. We were impressed with their wholesome, natural ingredients, their FREE delivery and how much our dogs have thrived since feeding their Whole Life Dog Food (especially how silky and shiny their coats have become). On top of the level of quality, you find in the food, TLC’s customer service is pretty incredible. Unlike most commercial pet food, TLC is sold online, made fresh and delivered FREE to your door. No sitting on store shelves for months at a time and no having to lug heavy bags to and from the pet store, it’s a wonderful bonus! You can also schedule your orders using Autoship. Your orders arrive when you need them and you never run out of food!


Feeding a holistic and biologically beneficial food is so important to your pup’s quality of life and health! We want everyone to have the chance to feed TLC and provide the highest quality nutrition possible to their fur baby.  However, we also don't believe in a "one food fits all" mentality and if there's reasons to switch foods we will help guide you in this process. 

The other option is to go raw, and something that we definitely recommend as well.  We do a little bit of both and add some whole dog friendly veggies and fruits to their diet.   Lastly we don't believe there's always a one-food-fits-all.  In some cases you may have to switch food to find one that agrees with your new bernedoodle. If you ever need some additional recommendations please drop us a line anytime (  DO NOT feed a grain-free diet.  Not only will this void our health guarantee there's mounting correlation between grain-free diets and the development of DCA (dilated cardiomyopathy).   We usually start our puppies on the TLC puppies until 5-6 months (or go thru 1-2 bags) and then switch to the All Life Stages adult food which exceeds AAFCO requirements for puppies.  

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TLC Dog Food


A Unique Brand Not Found In Stores

I’m the Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of WagBrag and like many of you, I’m conscious about the food I feed my pets; I do a good deal of research. Luckily for us all, there are some great resources online to help you determine if a brand of food is made of high quality ingredients and standards, as well as which brands to avoid with inferior ingredients like by-products and fillers.

Late last year while attending the BarkWorld Conference in Atlanta GA, we met some of the people from TLC Whole Life Pet Food. We had never heard of their brand and couldn’t recall seeing their food in any of the retail or specialty boutique pet food stores. But we were intrigued, so we met with them to learn more. We were surprised and very pleased at what we discovered.

TLC – Zero Pet Food Recalls

TLC started out as a family-owned business in 1994 in Canada, partly out of being frustrated at the low level quality of commercial pet food.  So they set out on a mission to produce a pet food that is “life enhancing”.  Since being in business, they have never had a pet food recall – that includes not having a silent recall either. All of their ingredients are locally sourced, except for the lamb and mussels which comes from New Zealand. We like the fact that they do not use ingredients from China. TLC is a fresh and natural pet food with no by-product, no fillers, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, no soy, no wheat, and no corn.

TLC Helps Consumers Save Money

Additionally, TLC has a unique business model.  You are not going to find this brand in any stores – their food is exclusively home delivered nationwide, for free.  It can be expensive to feed your pet a high quality food. By having the food delivered to your front door, you avoid paying inflated retail pricing.

Tested and Approved

This sounded like a pet food brand that we could stand behind, but I wanted to see how my own dog performed on this food*. Bella, my 14 year old shepherd mix who has more energy than many dogs half her age, was my willing participant. Granted, her stomach is not sensitive and she has a strong digestive system, so she migrated very easily over to the food. In fact, she made a total switch in about half the recommended time – within 3 days she was totally switched over to TLC without having any gastrointestinal issues. Now, this transition time is not something I would recommend to others. I just happened to have less of her old food than I realized but was surprised at how smoothly the food transition was for her. For more than three months, Bella has been enjoying the TLC food and her coat looks shiny and feels soft. I’ve also noticed a slight increase in her energy level during our daily 2 mile walks.

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