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Puppies....Now What!?

Our Bernedoodle project begun a long time ago through careful research, but hit us like a storm when we brought home Lexi and Zoe, after a 14 hour car trip from South Carolina to Missouri to pick them up from Deer Creek Standard Poodles. Was a long trip but well worth it and the ride home gave us a ton of time to bond with our new family members. SO what's it like to have two puppies at the same time? Are we nuts (many asked)? Well honestly having two has been a challenge however it's also been alot less challenging than raising just one puppy. They keep each other company, and always have somebody to play with. The very first night Lexi had nothing to do with the crate. She howled, screamed, whined, and it didn't stop for some time, only to pick right back up with a vengence. Challenged to not get off track, I endured, and slept right next to the crate with the two sisters and learned that the word "Quiet", when delivered correctly, can be very powerful! By the second day it was minimal, and by the third and sinse then it's virtually non-existent. The only time they whine at night is when they have to go out. But by the third week they were sleeping from 10:30pm-6:00 am. They don't spend a ton of time in the crate, but when they do they have it down perfectly and rather enjoy their women cave! All the hard work and some sleepless (well not entirely...few winks of it here and there!) nights paid off and we now have beautiful sisters, Lexi and Zoe!

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