TLC Whole Pet Foods

Like so many of you, we’ve done a lot of research, looking for the best food possible to meet the nutritional needs of our pups. We have been using TLC for some time and have had extremely good results. We were impressed with their wholesome, natural ingredients, their FREE delivery and how much our dogs have thrived since feeding their Whole Life Dog Food (especially how silky and shiny their coats have become). On top of the level of quality, you find in the food, TLC’s customer service is pretty incredible. Unlike most commercial pet food, TLC is sold online, made fresh and delivered FREE to your door. No sitting on store shelves for months at a time and no having to lug heavy bags to and

Meet Jasmine our "New" Standard Poodle

This is Jasmine, our brown and white parti standard poodle who is growing up to be a beautiful standard. She is very playful and growing tall and has exceptional conformation and loves being with people. She will be bred to our Ryder (Hungarian Bernese mountain dog) later this year. Based on her genetic panel, she should produce beautiful traditional tricolors.

Lexi's Puppies One Week Old Tomorrow!

We will be posting Lexi's puppies one-week-old pictures by tomorrow (pictures taken and just formatting) on our FaceBook page "Premier Doodles". Growing so fast!! Here's Aspen our very red sable!

Zoe's Litter Size Confirmed!

This past week we confirmed that Zoe will be having 8 puppies! We are very excited and if there happens to be a 9th it wouldn't surprise us....she's huge and just a few days away from having her puppies! Here's our vet Dr. Randall confirming the count.

Lexi's Puppies Arrived January 9, 2018

We are proud to announce the arrival of Lexi's 10 new beautiful puppies! Most have already seen their arrival on our FaceBook page and sorry for getting this blog out a little late. They are BIG and chunky and all of them are doing great. Gaining weight (we weigh them every day, sometimes a couple times a day especially the first week), and Lexi is doing a great job keeping them clean, stimulating them to go potty, and nursing like a champ! We keep the welping boxes in our master bedroom for the first 4 weeks (and often throughout the duration of the 8 weeks) and carefully monitor air temperature. They're little altricial bodies are still unable to fully regulate body temperature so we

Elsa has had a successful tie!

Elsa our beautiful Serbian Bernese mountain dog has successfully tied with our handsome black and silver phantom standard poodle Murphy who always has a smile! Both are awesome, playful, love people, smart and aim to please in all that they do. Both are cuddle bugs! Due date will be around mid-March and should be both phantom and traditional tricolors. Murphy is about 60 lbs and Elsa is 90 lbs and still growing. These will be large Standard F1 Premier Bernedoodles! We currently have a single master list which you can see on our website at

Lexi has 10-11 Premier Bernedoodles Due This Month

Lexi was just confirmed to be carrying 10-11 puppies (see image) that are due middle of next week. We are excited to see if we will have a repeat of her last exceptional litter....all of her past puppies are turning our amazing and beautiful. Zoe goes in next Thursday to confirm her numbers. Here's a picture of the two expected moms, Lexi is behind Zoe. Both showing big! Getting a lot of calories and rest!

$10 Coupon for TLC

Hi Gang! If you're interested in trying TLC whole dog food (a superior and premium blend that is always made fresh) here's a $10 coupon. If you're currently using it then enjoy the coupon as well! Call TLC at 1-877-328-8400 to get this promotional. Here's the Promo Code:84229-1050 For more information about TLC you can also visit our website at the following link: SAVE $10 on TLC Pet Food What new adventures await you and your pet this coming 2018? Feeding them TLC ensures they'll have the high-quality nutrition they need (and DESERVE) to start the new year off on the 'right paw'! Place your order today and receive $10 OFF! Join Us On S

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