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Lexi's Puppies Arrived January 9, 2018

We are proud to announce the arrival of Lexi's 10 new beautiful puppies! Most have already seen their arrival on our FaceBook page and sorry for getting this blog out a little late. They are BIG and chunky and all of them are doing great. Gaining weight (we weigh them every day, sometimes a couple times a day especially the first week), and Lexi is doing a great job keeping them clean, stimulating them to go potty, and nursing like a champ! We keep the welping boxes in our master bedroom for the first 4 weeks (and often throughout the duration of the 8 weeks) and carefully monitor air temperature. They're little altricial bodies are still unable to fully regulate body temperature so we need to keep the air temperature very warm and have to monitor this very frequently throughout the day. We also monitor that each one is successfully nursing however we do let them find mom as much as possible, find the nipple, sometimes compete for a suitable and productive mammary gland, and all of these struggles and challenges help begin the process of teaching these little guys how to resolve challenges that could lead to frustrations. This is one of the many tasks that help to produce intelligent and calm natured Premier Bernedoodles! With that said we still make sure they do individually solve these challenges as ultimately they have to get equal fill of milk based on their personal weight gain. You can see from these little gems that they are all nice and plump! A milk coma!

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