Elsa started her heat!

With Lexi and Zoe due any week now, we weren't planning on Elsa starting her heat quite this soon but she's not too far off her target and we will be doing progesterone testing next Thursday to confirm her cycle. If all goes well, we will be breeding Elsa (our female Serbian Bernese mountain dog) to Murphy (our male phantom standard poodle) with their puppies being due sometime around mid-March. Both are so friendly and human seeking and they both have a permanent grin it seems! Both love being with people and have exceptional personalities like the rest of the clan. Murphy has an amazing poodle perfect coat and Elsa has a very lovely iridescent, wavy and silky coat. They should produce

What do we feed our dogs?

We are often asked "what do you feed your dogs?" Like many of you, we have tried many over the years while searching for what we feel is the "best" prepared or raw food on the market. In our opinion, you can't go wrong with a great raw diet. But for many this is not logistically practical and therefore they continue to seek out the best food possible for their furry family member. We have been using TLC for some time and have had extremely good results. We have carefully researched their ingredients, materials, handling protocol and freshness and started using it well before we started referring people to it to make sure the food was in fact as good as what we had heard. Next to raw, i

Merry Christmas!

From Premier Doodles we pray you have a blessed day! This is Ryder our Hungarian Bernese Mountain Dog enjoying the morning in our crisp cool SC Christmas Day!

Typical Day With Puppies!

With two litters (and large ones!) due in January, we wanted to let you know what life is like at Premier Doodles once the puppies are born and thru the 8th week when they go to their new forever homes. It's an exciting time for sure, and we can never get enough of our little gems. So here's a typical day once they hit about 4-5 weeks of age (first few weeks similar but puppies nursing and we don't take them out yet)! 5:30 am Puppies begin waking up. 5:30-6:00 am. We immediately load them all up and take them out to our new puppy fenced in area (about 40 x 50 feet equipped with swimming pool, shaded areas, and lots of enrichment toys). We quickly begin using potty commands (Go Potty for p

Lexi and Zoe Pregnancies Confirmed!

Lexi and Zoe had their ultrasounds today and both are pregnant, embryonic hearts beating, and good healthy number of embryos! We will keep everybody updated throughout the process on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/premierdoodles). We are blessed and thankful and excited to see the puppies that will be due in mid-January. We sure do miss Lexi and Zoe's last litters but so cool to see how they are growing up!

Life with the Carmichael Pack!

We have had a number of interesting calls lately and I have had this question come up a few times and thought we would share. The questions is: "what does your family life look like with all of your dogs in your home....what is your routine?" I often chuckle only because you have to truly love your dogs to have this many in your home...they are truly part of the family. So here's our routine (very flexible so this is just a normal routine that changes slightly by the time of day): 1) I get up around 6:00 am to let the dogs outside to go potty and then we play fetch and chase games for about 20-30 minutes and then inside for some floor wrestling (definitely my favorite part of the day);

We have an ultrasound appointment for Lexi and Zoe for Next Week

Our girls will be getting an ultrasound to confirm their pregnancies next Thursday, December 14th in the afternoon. We should be able to both confirm pregnancy and heartbeats. I'll post a followup on our FB page at www.facebook.com/premierdoodles and send a blog update as well. For fast up to date information please stay tuned to our FB page. This is The Hulk...one of Lexi's puppies. He is an amazing and beautiful boy. You can read about him on our website under Customer Reviews. Thanks!!

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