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Elsa started her heat!

With Lexi and Zoe due any week now, we weren't planning on Elsa starting her heat quite this soon but she's not too far off her target and we will be doing progesterone testing next Thursday to confirm her cycle. If all goes well, we will be breeding Elsa (our female Serbian Bernese mountain dog) to Murphy (our male phantom standard poodle) with their puppies being due sometime around mid-March. Both are so friendly and human seeking and they both have a permanent grin it seems! Both love being with people and have exceptional personalities like the rest of the clan. Murphy has an amazing poodle perfect coat and Elsa has a very lovely iridescent, wavy and silky coat. They should produce mostly traditional tricolors and phantoms. Here's the two! Murphy is about 60 pounds and Elsa is close to 90. Both have been genetic tested and cleared and prelims on hip and elbows were rated excellent. They come from extremely strong and championed bloodlines and are both AKC and CKC. Stay tuned! For more information you can go to!

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