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What do we feed our dogs?

We are often asked "what do you feed your dogs?" Like many of you, we have tried many over the years while searching for what we feel is the "best" prepared or raw food on the market. In our opinion, you can't go wrong with a great raw diet. But for many this is not logistically practical and therefore they continue to seek out the best food possible for their furry family member. We have been using TLC for some time and have had extremely good results. We have carefully researched their ingredients, materials, handling protocol and freshness and started using it well before we started referring people to it to make sure the food was in fact as good as what we had heard. Next to raw, it's likely the freshest food on the market and has many Whole Foods built in and is grain-free. We do supplement our dog's TLC food with additional whole dog friendly vegetables, fruits and meats but this is not absolutely necessary but we are a big believer that Whole Foods in their raw, uncooked form, offer a great supplement to an extremely nutritious kibble. Cost was never a factor....we just wanted the best food on the market. TLC has not disappointed and our dogs are extremely healthy, coats are silky and shiny, and have never had any health issues requiring any kind of medical intervention. Here's a link that has a lot more information about TLC and what makes it a very good choice for the owner that wants to give their owner the best food possible.

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