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Premier Minibernedoodles!

After years of debating we finally started our Premier line of multigenerational minibernedoodles and just had our first litter from Lola (x Alibi) which we have been posting pictures of and will have more litters in 2024. We wanted to introduce our new line of multigen minibernedoodles that will be the parents in 2024. They are Bo (traditional tricolor dam), Jessie (traditional tricolor dam) and Moose (merle sire). Our daughter Brooke will be working with this project and is a part of Premier Doodles focusing on our minibernedoodles. She has been a part of our program since she was a young’n and knows and follows our training methods and does a phenomenal job. They have all passed their full genetic marker screening and OFA hips and elbows and ready to go in 2024.

If you’re interested in our Premier Doodles minibernedoodles please email us at Please check out our FaceBook page Premier Doodles for more pictures!


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