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TLC Whole Pet Foods

Like so many of you, we’ve done a lot of research, looking for the best food possible to meet the nutritional needs of our pups. We have been using TLC for some time and have had extremely good results. We were impressed with their wholesome, natural ingredients, their FREE delivery and how much our dogs have thrived since feeding their Whole Life Dog Food (especially how silky and shiny their coats have become). On top of the level of quality, you find in the food, TLC’s customer service is pretty incredible. Unlike most commercial pet food, TLC is sold online, made fresh and delivered FREE to your door. No sitting on store shelves for months at a time and no having to lug heavy bags to and from the pet store, it’s a wonderful bonus! You can also schedule your orders using Autoship. Your orders arrive when you need them and you never run out of food!

Feeding a holistic and biologically beneficial food is so important to your pup’s quality of life and health! We want everyone to have the chance to feed TLC and provide the highest quality nutrition possible to their fur baby.

Click here to learn more about TLC and SAVE $5 OFF your first order!

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