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Start Puppy Training Right Away!

Many people won't start puppy training (basic obedience) until maybe they get them enrolled into a puppy class several weeks to months later. Puppy's learn fast even when you think they aren't listening or seem to be distracted with other things. But everytime you work on a certain command (e.g. sit, down, stay or come) they are hearing the words, and starting the process of learning. Puppy's learn their basic obedience commands even faster when there's a motivator (food) and repetition (do training when puppies are most hungry) and they respond best to positive reinforcement. The main thing is to be consistent with what you call each command, the timing of applying your reinforcement after a command is given and performed, and to give lots of praise when the puppy does what is asked. Lot's and lots of praise goes along way!

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