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Are all bernedoodles created equal?

Like all dog breeds, the answer to this question is an emphatic "NO!" Unscrupolous breeding using dogs not fit for a breeding program have lead to dogs that do not display bernedoodle typical traits. A bernedoodle should be exceptionally loyal, smart, joyful, fun, low to nonshedding, and trustworthy around all members of the family including children of all ages. They should always want to be at your side! They should be healthy and relatively long lived if done properly. For those of us that have a considerable investment in starting with the best, we can pass this on to our customers. I believe we have some of the best standard poodles and bernese mountain dogs on the market and this makes for an exceptional Premier Bernedoodle! They are well worth the wait! Also, never forget that getting a dog at the humane society or animal shelter is another great option if you have older children or have a satisfactory temperament evaluation for suitability in your home. They also make incredibly loyal family members.

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