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Lexi's AI Completed

After much consideration, we decided to do artificial insemination between Ryder (Bernese Mountain Dog) and Lexi (Standard Poodle) and had 3 successful AI sessions this past week with all of these events delivering semen right up to the cervix to assure we have good results. Our experienced veterinarian uses fresh sperm and immediately inseminates the female which greatly increases success rates (from his vast experience he gets well over a 90% success rate and even higher with multiple AI's like we had). The sperm count was high and mobile and we should have a healthy and beautiful litter of Premier Bernedoodles in June. Zoe has just started flagging and we will be doing the same procedure with her starting this weekend and next week. In both cases Ryder has had free access to both girls in addition to the AI. We will be doing ultrasound in the very near future to confirm that embryos are present and then will get a head count in about 45 days.

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