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Puppies are Here!

Lexi and Zoe's puppies are doing fantastic and all are growing fast already. We are around the clock with the moms and puppies and shift feeding to make sure they are all nursing and gaining good weight. We are doing the biosensor program (discussed on our website under "Biosensor Puppy Program") and everybody is doing great. DURING WEEK 4 we will be asking all of our customers that have deposited to give us their pick. We will start with the #1 person on our list, and once we get which puppy they want I will put the puppy's name next to their name on the list under "2017 Spring Available Puppies" so that the next person knows which puppies are left to pick from. We will provide any other information you need before making a selection. We will need everybody to be quick to making their selection during Week 4 so that everybody on the list knows their status.

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