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When Do I Have to Pick Out My Puppy...

I will put each person's pick next to their name in the order listed on the 2017 June Available Puppies tab on our web page (this is the list of those that have placed deposits). Once it's your pick (based on which number pick you have), and you know for sure which puppy you want, let me know and I'll update the above. I NEED EVERYBODY TO MAKE THEIR SELECTION BY WEEK 4. If you decide to move to a future list, you will take the next available spot listed on those lists. For example, the longer you wait to move to a future list the more likely you will be a little lower on those lists depending on who has already deposited on those lists. I would highly recommend not getting stuck in the color thing versus temperament. You can google the different color patterns we have (Black and White, sable tricolor, sable tricolor phantom, and traditional tricolor) to see what they might look like as they get older. Our puppies have exceptional patterns and colors. Please note that to get onto a list you must submit a nonrefundable $500 deposit to secure a spot. There will be a PayPal link on each page for each litter or you can send the deposit via PayPal to Thanks and never hesitate to drop us a line with any questions you may have.

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