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Puppy Update

Hi Everybody! First a big apology for not getting this out sooner. Needless to say our #1 priority has been the puppies (all 23 of them including 16 bernedoodles and 7 standard poodles) and have been working around the clock to make sure they are all doing great. Each one is getting ALOT of human attention and because we welp them in our home they are getting used to all of the typical home noises like the cacophony of child noises (never ending!), vacuum cleaners, bells, door knocks, the inadvertent alarms, and the list goes on. This is always a HUGE help in the transition of our puppies from our home to yours and yes takes a lot more work on our part versus just leaving them outside in a separate detached area like many do. We are working today and tomorrow to get videos and updated pictures of all of the puppies and will continue to update our FaceBook page ( with these. We initially asked everybody to make their selection this week but let us get this updated information posted first (I'll also update the webpage as well). We will try to put a short description of each puppy as well. We will need everybody to make their selections this weekend, and as people select their puppy we will put the name of the puppy next to their name on the deposit list on our webpage. If you know sooner please let us know. As selections our made, obviously some puppies will fall off your list and you'll need to consider some other puppies. Feel free to call us to discuss the attributes of any puppies as it gets to your pick and we can help you with that. If you're only going for color, and your color is not available, I would consider a black and white bicolor. They really look nice with the contrasting colors, and, their coats are nice and wavy/curly. Temperament wise you'll get the same great fun Premier Bernedoodle personalities irregardless of color/pattern. More to follow but wanted to get this out quickly.

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