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Puppy Selections Have Started...

Simba was selected first. We will move to the next person down the list until everybody has had a chance to decide if they want to select one of the puppies we currently have or to move their deposits to the next available spot on our future litters (you can visit these litters on our web page to see how many deposits are currently listed...if you choose to move you would be the next available spot). We will have future litters in December 2017 and June 2018. But the one's we have right now look fantastic and have an unbelievably awesome personalities. So much fun! As people make their selections go to the tab on our website "2017 June Available Puppies" page and on the list of deposits I will put the name of the puppy that has been selected next to their owner. AS SOON AS YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED TO SELECT A PUPPY, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP WHAT YOUR INTENTIONS ARE. We will also put a remark under each photo on our Facebook page ( Thanks!

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