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Jasmine x Ryder Coming Soon!

Jasmine just completed her third AI and everything looks good for her first litter due at the end of November, 2018. Jasmine is a beautiful brown and white parti standard poodle that is very lovable and is clear on her complete genetic panel and has excellent hips and elbows and a beautiful coat. She should produce mostly traditional tricolors and some black and white F1 standard bernedoodles. She had an AI from Ryder, our European and big Bernese mountain dog. He's a bundle of love and a big bear with a beautiful tight wavy doubt a strong contributor to our very minimal (mostly during grooming which is the case for non shedding dogs as well) to mostly non-shedding coats that we get. We had started a separate reservation list for just her well before we merged all of our waiting lists (for each dam) into a single master reservation list however we capped it at 5 people (which was the time we went to one master reservation list). Therefore any puppies not selected by the 5 on the waiting list will be offered to our master reservation list in the order of deposits. For those that are wondering when they will get a puppy, we will update as follows.....we currently have 3 litters and as people select their puppy we will put the name of their puppy they chose next to their name on the master reservation list and put the puppy's name in parentheses). If yo have any questions just email us at

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