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Girls in Heat!

We have three girls that have started their heat cycles, one of which has had several successful ties. Elsa (European Bernese mountain dog girl) x Murphy (black and tan phantom standard poodle) have had several successive ties and produce abstract phantoms and traditional tricolors. Dakota (tricolor standard poodle) has started her heat and will be bred to Ford (European Bernese Mountain dog boy) and should produce all tricolors. Macy (red and white parti standard poodle) just started her heat and will be bred to Teddy (red sable F1 standard bernedoodle boy). Lexi, Zoe and Cheyenne will be bred sometime this spring.

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Jane Lewis
Jane Lewis
Feb 20, 2020

Really looking forward to seeing all the future puppies!! I'm an avid fan of your breeding program albeit from a distance.

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