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Lexi x Yogi Litter

Lexi and Yogi’s F1 standard bernedoodles puppies arrived almost a week ago and doing great and they had 3 black and white, 5 traditional tricolor and 1 sable, all with big white faces and blazes. Here’s the father, Yogi, a big boy and beautiful and one of our European Bernese mountain dogs we use in our breeding program. He’s super mellow and loves all people and with a nice wavy coat. Like all of our breeding dogs he is AKC, clear genetic panels, OFA hips/elbows and just an awesome boy!

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Jane Lewis
Jane Lewis
Apr 10, 2020

Yogi is just gorgeous and I'm loving seeing his beautiful puppies. Are you able to put up any photos of them on here? I would love to see a picture of the sable boy you are keeping for your program if that's possible.

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