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Spring Update

Spring Update! Remi (F1b standard bernedoodle) will be having her litter of F2b (side is Teddy, a red sable and white F1 standard bernedoodle from our Zoe x Ryder line) standard bernedoodles within the next week and it should be a decent sized litter. Zoe, a red and white parti standard poodle, is pregnant and will be having a litter of standard poodles due this spring. We had to use Zoe for standard poodles this spring as we need to continue her bloodlines for our standard, F1, F1b, F2b and multigen bernedoodle projects and bred her to our sable standard poodle boy Jax. The puppies should be stunning as both Jax and Zoe come from exceptional bloodlines and both are AKC and genetic tested (clear) and OFA hips and elbows (this is also the case with Remi and Teddy). We will continue to update on the status of the other moms as we confirm pregnancies.

If anybody is interested in a standard poodle (we do not sell sell with full registration and breeding rights) Please let us know.

We are keeping back 1-2 girls but should have a decent sized litter out of her. You can PM me for more information.

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Nicolle Cuellar
Nicolle Cuellar
Feb 04, 2021

I’m interested in one of those cuties!!

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