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We are often asked why do we use TLC? Simply put it has everything we could ask for in a kibble food. Here’s some information that might be of help about TLC and provides some of the main reasons why we use this food in our breeding program:

1. HIGH-QUALITY MEAT BASED PROTEIN SOURCES Over 82% of the protein found in TLC comes from animal-based sources. Did you know that high-quality meat-based protein provides our dogs with every amino acid they need to thrive, including heart-healthy taurine? Feeding TLC helps protect against dietary deficiencies that can arise when a daily diet does not include enough quality protein. 2. LOW-GLYCEMIC INDEX INGREDIENTS TLC uses a mix of the very best low glycemic, slow to digest ingredients for its carbohydrates, including iron-rich oatmeal, whole grain barley, brown rice, millet, sweet potato and flaxseed. High glycemic foods are those that contain refined ingredients such as potato, white flour and corn syrup.  These ingredients can lead to high blood sugar, obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes. Feeding TLC for life can help protect against diabetes and obesity.  3. COMPLETE & BALANCED NUTRITION No fillers, no unnamed by-products, artificial colors or flavors; every ingredient found in TLC has been carefully chosen by professionally trained nutritionists for its immediate and longterm nutritional benefits. Pet food that uses fillers like corn, include fewer quality nutrients and can lead to an incomplete diet. 4. PACKED WITH OMEGAS A daily diet rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids helps promote healthy skin, healthy coat and supports the immune system. TLC is made with Atlantic Salmon meats and oils, packed full of these important fatty acids, supporting the development of a strong immune system over time.  5. TRUSTED, TESTED & FED All TLC Pet Food has undergone extensive feeding trials in accordance with the specifications laid out by AAFCO. TLC has been trusted by North American families since 1994 and has never had a recall. 


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